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A tradition of exceptional service. 



Come and take a tour of Northridge Senior Living and see for yourself how beautiful and affordable our community is!


The Connell family has been serving seniors in the Medford Oregon community since 1980. First with their purchase of the Rogue Valley Care Center, then building Northridge Center Assisted Living in 1994, and now with Northridge Senior Living. 

The story of the Connell family begins in 1968 when Les and Jackie Connell were married while Les was serving in the Army. In 1971, shortly after Jackie received her nursing degree and administrator license, the couple purchased a small nursing home just outside of Portland Oregon. They ran the nursing home until they sold in and moved to Medford Oregon in 1974. 

In 1975, the first of Les and Jackie's three daughters were born, and then in 1980, they purchased the Rogue Valley Care Center, where Jackie worked for the next 14 years. In 1993, the Connell family broke ground at the very FIRST Assisted Living Center in Southern Oregon. In 1994, Les retired from his job in the US Forest Service and began to work in the business alongside his wife as the facility manager. In 1995, the Rogue Valley Care Center was closed and the rest of the units were converted to assisted living apartments. 

Sadly, in September 2020, Northridge Center burned to the ground. But God is good, and He brought to the Connell family the opportunity to purchase Barnett Woods Senior Independent Living apartments in February 2021. Les Connell is still working in the new;y acquired business, while Jackie has been retired for some time now. Tamara Fielding, their oldest daughter, is the Community Relations Director and Memory Dent is the Executive Director for the family's newest community, Northridge Senior Living, LLC. 


A timeline of the commitment the Connell's have made to seniors in Southern Oregon for three generations now. 


The Journey Begins

Les and Jackie were married while Les was serving in the Army. 


Nursing Home Purchase

Jackie receives her nursing degree, and then Les and Jackie purchase their first nursing home together just outside of Portland Oregon. 


Move to Southern Oregon

The Connell's sell their nursing home in Portland and move to Medford Oregon. 


Purchase Rogue Valley Care Center

In 1980, the Connell's purchase the Rogue Valley Care Center nursing home. 


Start Northridge Center Assisted Living

The Connell family remodel their nursing home and build out the FIRST assisted living center in Southern Oregon, Northridge Assisted Living Center. 


Northridge Center is Destroyed

In September of 2020, Northridge Assisted Living Center is burned to the ground in a fire that ravaged all of Southern Oregon. 


Purchase Barnett Woods

After the fire, the Connell family purchase Barnett Woods and then start the NEW senior independent living apartments,  Northridge Senior Living, LLC 

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